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Stiga World Champs Soccer

Stiga Soccer The Stiga World Champs Soccer Game Only $99.99 including Shipping!

Stiga World Champs Table Soccer Game: Packed with Action!

Stiga Table Soccer, Stiga World Champs Soccer

Stiga Table Soccer Game - Fast and Fun Family eEntertainment with the Stiga Table Soccer Game. Stiga has combined all the skill and fun of Foosball and Rod Hockey to achieve a realistic and challenging table game that kids of all ages can enjoy.

The Stiga World Champs Table Top Soccer Game boasts an improved design to enhance play! The World Champs Table Soccer includes an excellent rod mechanism and a new and improved ball for nice passes and hard shoots! All players are 3 dimensional and wear USA and Mexico colors. Players move 360 degrees and up and down the field for a maximum maneuverability and speed.

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